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My First Blog

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

The time has arrived here. After dreading it for so long I have decided to give it a go at doing this so called Blogging" on my website. Who else better than me to share a bit about the woman behind these images. So be patient and bear with me as this is new waters I am sailing. Nothing I am sure I won't be unable to learn as I go.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all my followers on my different platforms for your support.

Art has been for me an escape, a playtime , a mischief....a thing I call it of my own with humility and pride altogether. A proof to myself that I am capable of creating what I want.

Ironically or metaphorically; there is great contrast of light and darkness on my artworks; just like there has been in my actual life. Intuition and necessity have allowed me to juggle them into something else. It is not about how dark or bright something can be in my opinion. Without them both , everything would be flat , lacking depth.

For now, I will stop here as I am still a woman of mystery rather than one spilling all the beans about life; because after all I am just human and with lots more to learn and eager to evolve constantly. I am a sinner like everyone else; the only difference is that I don't pretend otherwise. For sure a woman of fire unafraid to touch what is not to touch and pass the fence I am not allowed to pass.

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