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A Self Portrait Artwork for sale.

Maria Vasquez is a self Portraiture artist and Photographer based in Cardiff, United Kingdom; who creates original artworks of fine taste to decorate any interior incorporating luxury, magic and style. Her fine art photography is one of a kind and stunning depicting the female form and her infinite personalities. When you purchase one of her pieces which comes signed and with a certificate of authenticity; you are also buying the highest quality archival artworks that will last you over 100 years.


Maria Vasquez's art is bold yet delicate. There are also exquisite nudes in her portfolio of fine art limited editions for the art lovers and art collectors in that field. Maria's fine art self portraits are soaked with her passion and imagination. She is her own muse.

You can contact us if you see any artworks not placed on the shop yet, They will be added soon and some are simply not for sale while others offered in limited editions in numbers as little as 1 and as high as 100.

If you are looking for contemporary art to add that boldness to your interiors, don't look any further. Feel free to take a tour at Self Portraiture Art by Maria Vasquez here and travel to a world of true and daring beauty.


Self Portraiture Artist


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